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Wounded survivors; postwar military parade

Film | Accession Number: 2014.524 | RG Number: RG-60.1529 | Film ID: 4106

The Allies commissioned this four part documentary from Maurits Schaap after liberation.

Titles: "Zeeuwsch Vlaanderen", "Documentaire Film der Verwoesting", "En de wateren warden stil... Genesis 8 1". Flooding, possibly from an irrigation system failing, in an unknown location. Title card: "De watertoren bij axel" Water tower. Title, "En de watertoren van Oostburg". The water tower of Oostburg was destroyed. Title: "Sas van Gent het centrum der suiker en meelindustrie" Grain is loaded onto carts and processed into flour at Sas van Gent.

05:50:26 Title: "Alarm!!! Het Roode Kruis rukt uit" Female nurse for the Red Cross answers a telephone call before Red Cross personnel enter a vehicle, possibly staged. Title: "In Koewacht, viel een V-1" Red Cross vehicle arrives in Koewacht at the site of a destroyed building. Personnel enter in search of survivors and carry several people on stretchers from the structure. The injured are laid onto beds at the Red Cross building, where their wounds are treated. Title: "geen ijs, toch chocolademelk... het v.h.k. aan den arbeid". People assemble outside a vehicle marked "Noodvoedsel wagen" for food supplies and ice cream. Title, "Met "Vrouwelijke" charme verricht" Red Cross personnel distribute supplies, drive vehicles, refill gas, and tend to the injured.

05:55:51 Title, "De Z.V.T.M. Verlost de diverse plaatsen uit hun isolement" Horses drag a wagon behind a slow-moving train. Title: "Tante Pos laat zich niet onbetuigd" Damaged streets and destroyed buildings. A man repairs wire on a pole. Titles, "Het particulier initiatief heft reeds zijn weg gevonden", "En lustig ploegt de boer den akker, die nog kort te voren onder vijandelijk", "granaatvuur lag". Man cuts metal shards into farming tools. Other civilians work nearby. Title: "Nederland herrijst". Sequence of military men walk in parade style between crowds lining street. Netherlands flags hang overhead or ascending flagpoles. "Einde"

Event:  1944-1945
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Eli Schaap
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 22:03:05
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