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Kan family at home; in Belgium; at the beach

Film | Accession Number: 2002.183.1 | RG Number: RG-60.4428 | Film ID: 2476

Robert and Betsy ride a bicycle down a gravel road in front of large house, trees in BG. Shots from an airfield, planes taking off. "KLM" on the sides of the planes. Robert and Betsy in backyard. Empty garden. Duck and ducklings swimming. At the beach, CUs of children's faces. Robert and Betsy playing in the sand. 01:03:02 Robert leaves house and walks towards the camera. He walks through the front gate and waves. A dog runs through trees. Hunting party. People ride horses, dogs run. A man throws a bird to the pack of dogs. 01:04:55 LS, road along waterfront. Robert and Betsy stand in front of a monument of three men working. LS, tall monument. MS, children stand in front of plaque: "Heir Werd De Dijkgesloten 28 Mei 1932". VAR shots of the road. MS, side of a car. Woman in dark clothing walks away from the camera. Dock, boats on the water, views across the water. 01:06:17 Pan from lifeboats to shoreline. More shots of the shore. Cars disembark from the ferry. 01:07:22 EXT magnificent gothic-style buildings. MS, modern building. Pan from buildings to Zandvoort beach. 01:08:27 "Zandvoort 1938" written with stones in the sand. Robert rides his bicycle down the street. 01:09:04 More scenes from the beach. Robert and Betsy play, shovel sand. Robert rides a pony. 01:09:52 Title, "Z Zee Zon Zwemmen Zandvoort Zuiderbad zzzzozzzz." Two women (one of them is Jeanne), Robert, and Betsy leave the house, Robert salutes the camera as he walks. Four people walk down the boardwalk, water on left and houses on right. The two women and children, most of them wearing bathing suits, walk down the stairs. Shoreline. 01:10:40 Robert plays in the sand. More scenes of water and people swimming and boating. Robert and Betsy wade in the water, walk with shovels and dig in the sand, watch a man empty stones from the beach into a cart, and sit in the sand. Frits poses with a sand sculpture. The family lays on the dunes.

Event:  1937-1938
Zandvoort, Netherlands
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Robert F. Kan and Betsy Klein
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 22:02:14
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