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Kan family vacationing during winter in Switzerland

Film | Accession Number: 2002.183.1 | RG Number: RG-60.4442 | Film ID: 2482

"Arosa 1935-6" drawn in the snow. Mountains, trees, and a bridge (possibly shot from inside a train car). Jeanne, Betsy, Robert and a woman sit outside next to a building, pine tree in BG. Robert makes faces at the camera. Jeanne, Betsy, and Robert ice skate. 01:01:43 Waiter delivers champagne glasses on a tray. Robert and Betsy on a sled. CUs, children look at the camera, smile, and sled. Robert wears new goggles. Children feed squirrels in the forest. Snow-covered mountain landscape. 01:03:29 People walk up the mountain. Jeanne with her back to a ski lodge. People walk up a mountain. Landscape. Frits sits on a bench, looks around. 01:05:01 Jeanne and the children with others eat around a table. Robert makes faces at the camera. MS, dining pavilion. EXT, "Sporthotel hof Maran." Jeanne holds Robert's hand and walks towards the camera. Betsy and another girl, pull a sled and walk with them. The children feed the squirrels again. 01:07:35 Robert and Betsy ice skate. Jeanne holds Robert's hand and walks towards the camera. Betsy and a young girl hold onto another woman's arms (Jeanne's sister?) and walk towards the camera. They walk on a snow-covered path in the woods. The children ice skate. 01:09:38 "Naar Maran" drawn in the snow. Jeanne, the children, and an unidentified woman sit in a sleigh. They stand and waving at the camera. Frits on a sled with Robert and Betsy. Jeanne, Robert, and Betsy eat with other people at a table. Unknown women walk towards the camera. People eat. Jeanne stands at the edge of an ice rink with other women. 01:11:22 Robert ice skates, moving on and off screen. Jeanne and Frits pose for the camera. Robert and Betsy pose for the camera. Robert sticks out his tongue.

Event Date
Arosa, Switzerland
US Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Robert F. Kan and Betsy Klein
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