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Kan family on vacation in 1936

Film | Accession Number: 2002.183.1 | RG Number: RG-60.4427 | Film ID: 2475

Newspaper clipping: "22 Maart 1936 BEGIN VAN DE LENTE Dit jaar meer dan een symbolische datum. - Ook voor heden gunstige vooruitzichten." Betsy, Robert, and their grandfather (Jeanne's father) on a sidewalk. Betsy jumps rope and looks at the camera while Robert holds his grandfather's hand, skipping. The children, Jeanne, and her parents walk towards the camera down a different sidewalk. Trees/park; elderly man with cane. 01:00:18 Driving on road; people walk and bike on either side of the car. Several shots. 01:00:44 At the beach, Betsy digs in the sand with a shovel. She smiles and looks at the camera. Robert digs in the sand. The children build something in the sand. 01:01:04 Newspaper clipping: "PASCHEN- 12 April 1936- KOELE PAASCHDAGEN Wel kans op zon, maar geen werkelijk zacht weer." Robert, Betsy and another tall child stand next to a car in front of a house. The children watch a man who latches something to the back of the car. INT, car filled with things. 01:01:29 Beach with children, two carry shovels while the tallest boy carries a ball. Robert and Betsy stand in front of the shovels which have been buried in the sand and used as goal posts. Betsy chases the ball. People ride horses across the beach. Robert walks up a hill on the beach. 01:02:06 Outside a house, children run and jump from the ledge of stairs on deck. MS, Robert stands next to the doorway, waves to the camera. EXT, sidewalk next to a gate of a house. Car is parked to the right. Betsy, Robert, and another girl look towards the camera, all dressed up. Robert tips his hat, CU Betsy. 01:02:37 Airfield. Planes lined up on the runway, the planes take off. 01:03:27 Robert rides his bicycle on the sidewalk. Large white house with pillars. People walk around and out of the house. Man and boy canoe down a river. Robert, Betsy, and a woman play a game outside. The cameraman throws a ball that the children try to catch. More beach scenes with Robert, who is wearing a white hat, playing in the sand with a shovel. Robert and Betsy sit on the arms of a beach chair and eat. Robert flies a kite. 01:05:11 Two women, Robert, and Betsy walk down path with buildings in BG and long grass. Scenic shots of the countryside, children next to a river. Jeanne's parents lay in the grass. Landscape, children walk down path. Robert rides a bike on the patio.

01:06:20 Color. Betsy rides a bike. Beach and water in BG. Robert drives toy cars into a sand castle. Pan across the beach and the waterfront. Sunset. Robert and Betsy play in the sand. 01:07:26 Adults shake hands and wave at the camera. VAR shots of the beach, Red, white and blue flags are seen. Children dig in the sand. Frits poses in front of the camera with them.

01:08:27 Black and white. Extreme CU, Betsy wears a bow in her hair. River with two swans. Countryside. Swimming area on a lake/river. 01:09:14 People lie on beach chairs in the grass and look at the camera. Adults at a table. Aerial shot, from a balcony, of two women. Someone on the balcony talks to the women on the ground. Birthday party. 01:09:45 A group of children wear party hats, throw streamers, play games, and eat cake. Newspaper clipping: "1 September Robs naar school." Robert exits house, stands on the landing, and walks towards the camera.

Event:  1936
Zandvoort, Netherlands
Amsterdam, Netherlands
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Robert F. Kan and Betsy Klein
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 22:02:13
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