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Kan family at the airport and beach

Film | Accession Number: 2002.183.1 | RG Number: RG-60.4426 | Film ID: 2474

Betsy and Robert exit the house carrying small shovels. The children exit a car and walk towards the camera. Two boys (Robert is on the right) run towards the camera. Betsy waves from a balcony. EXT large house. Pan down to a woman walking down a hill. 01:00:42 Several children and two adults in a field. The children pick things up from the ground. Children sit on a balcony ledge. Robert waves his arms around. Frits enters the screen and stands behind the children, swings Robert back and forth. 01:01:16 Adults sit around a table playing cards and looking at the camera. Pan across the group, several children are standing at left. Sunset, beach, water. 01:01:43 Jeanne and her parents walk towards the camera. It is daytime. Bus, small building, and flagpole in BG. MSs, airplanes taking off and landing. Pan across the airfield. 01:02:28 INT, Robert and Betsy stand in a room with their hands on their hips, then wave to the camera. EXT, Betsy, Robert, and an unidentified girl stand next to a balcony rail. Children, wearing hats, walk towards the camera. 01:02:48 Children swim in a pool. Beach, people in the pool. 01:04:05 Children go down a slide on the beach. Adults in swimsuits and robes wave to the camera from balcony ledge, then walk down to the camera's level. The camera follows two adults walking in the water. Betsy flies a kite. Robert digs in the sand. 01:05:43 Woman and the two children hold the kite string. More scenes from the beach include the children getting pony rides on the beach and pushing each other off a sand mound. 01:07:00 EXT, Robert plays with an electric train set. He looks at the train going in circles and at the camera. Frits (?) puts the train back on the track. Children play in the sand, run in the water, and pose for the camera at the beach.

Event:  1935
Zandvoort, Netherlands
Amsterdam, Netherlands
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Robert F. Kan and Betsy Klein
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:46:05
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