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Kan family vacationing during winter in Switzerland

Film | Accession Number: 2002.183.1 | RG Number: RG-60.4441 | Film ID: 2481

Title card with "Arosa" centered under a stick figure with skis. Next card: "Grd Hotel Tschuggen" revealed. Next card: "Arosa 23 Dec. 1934 - 15 Jan. 1935." Robert, Betsy, Jeanne, and another woman wave from a train car window (the left of the car shows the name "Arosa"). Betsy, Robert, and Jeanne sit in a sled covered in white fur. Betsy pulls Robert on a sled. Both children wave. 01:01:24 The façade of "Grand Hotel Tschuggen" with a Swiss flag. Kan family and others. Jeanne, Betsy, and Robert sit with friends in a horse drawn sleigh. Different angles as they ride. MS, stationary sleigh with vacationers. Betsy, covered in snow, and others stand next to the sled. The façade of "Sporthotel hof Maran." Betsy plays in the snow. Building. Snow brushed off Betsy's snowsuit. Jeanne in the sleigh with others. 01:02:45 Handmade title:
Betsy leert schaatsenryden
De eerste maal op schaatsen-----later gaat het al veel beter!"
LS ice rink (VQ: dark, people in silhouette). MS, Robert on ice. Betsy helped up by an unknown adult. Betsy skates while Jeanne and another woman sit on benches in BG. She falls down and is helped up by her mother. 01:03:50 Two professional skaters perform before audience. 01:05:25 Handmade title:
Tailing-Party naar Hof Maran.
Naar Lützirüti!!"
Group, including Jeanne and Betsy, on sleds. VAR shots of the sledding party. 01:06:41 Betsy, Robert, and an unidentified woman skating. Ice skating lessons. 01:07:37 Family eats at an outdoor pavilion. Robert, Betsy, and Jeanne eating, with others seen earlier. Robert tries on skiing goggles. Betsy, wearing sunglasses, tilts her head and smiles. 01:08:10 Jeanne, the children, and others seen earlier, pull sleds behind them. Landscape and the sledding group. 01:09:19 Squirrels. Horse drawn sleigh, sledding party, smiling and waving. Extreme CUs of Robert and Betsy. 01:10:05 Snow-covered mountains. Ice rink with Robert, Betsy, and Jeanne. Mountains. 01:11:36 "Arosa" in the snow. Betsy to the right. Frits walks down a snow covered path. Jeanne sits with the children on a bench. MS, Robert walks to a sled. Frits, Jeanne, and Robert pose. People sled down a small hill near a ski lodge. 01:12:46 Robert sits with an unidentified woman by a table with packages. Betsy on skis. Robert sleds down a hill. Handmade title: "EINDE VAN HET FEEST TOT WEERZIENS HET VOLGEND JAAR IN ???????????"

Event:  1934-1935
Arosa, Switzerland
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Robert F. Kan and Betsy Klein
Record last modified: 2023-11-07 12:21:01
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