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Kan family: daily life in Amsterdam; at the beach; at home

Film | Accession Number: 2002.183.1 | RG Number: RG-60.4420 | Film ID: 2471

Title in Dutch: "Betsy als baby in 1928" Scenes of a baby in a carriage and two women - Jeanne holding baby Marcus?, walking down the street. 01:00:56 On a different day (notice clothing), children with adults in a street. A little girl in white (Betsy?) looks up at the camera. 01:01:51 At the beach, children play in the sand. Man and two women on the beach. 01:02:26 Man and woman may be Frits and Jeanne. CU, girl and boy. 01:02:50 Baby in a bassinet. A woman feeds the baby. Girl in a white coat (Betsy) and hat walks towards camera and places a letter into a mailbox at 01:03:27 aided by an older man. There are various shots of the girl in white (she is shown holding hands with two people, possibly her Grandparents, and carrying a balloon). MSs, family walking towards camera (not seen before). Betsy running in the park. 01:05:10 Baby in a bassinet, springtime. Girl in white (Betsy?) running in the street. 01:05:39 Women with children and baby carriage outside. VAR shots of a woman with baby. 01:06:46 An older woman in hat and fur coat poses in front of the camera. Two women drink from teacups. Kids on rollerskates. Cut to a woman pushing a baby carriage with an infant (Marcus?) and the little girl in white (Betsy?). 01:07:14 More scenes at the beach, children in the sand. 01:07:41 Girl in white plays in a backyard/outside. 01:08:42 Woman plays with a baby outside (Jeanne?). A little girl (Betsy?) rides a tricycle. The baby and girl next to each other. CUs baby. 01:10:09 Large group of adults and children at the beach. Scenes at the beach. 01:11:09 A little girl (Betsy?) and woman play with badminton racket on lawn. Scenes of the landscape with sand and grass. 01:12:20 Man and little girl (Betsy?) dance for the camera. More scenes at the beach including a woman talking to a child and children playing in the sand. 01:13:04 Older man and woman (grandparents?) next to baby in carriage. CU baby smiling, with girl. 01:13:51 Children coming out of cabana. Baby in highchair looking at camera. Street scene with a baby in carriage pushed by Jeanne(?) with older man (grandpa?) and woman next to them. The older man gives something to the baby and a man looks out a window. Shots of an older woman holding a baby. 01:15:25 Baby sitting on a blanket in grass while the little girl (Betsy?) feeds the baby. 01:16:38 Two women (one is Jeanne), the little girl, and the baby in the carriage walk down the street towards the camera. Little girl walks by herself towards the camera. Girl and two women, in furs, walking through a doorway. Baby laughs excitedly. Children playing on a swing set. The little girl pushes a stroller and walks down the street holding Jeanne's hand. Baby in a carriage. 01:18:34 Several people, including a nanny, walking next to the baby stroller as the little girl runs towards the camera. Boy walks holding mother's hand. 01:19:37 Baby sits in a highchair eating.

Event:  1928-1932
Zandvoort, Netherlands
Amsterdam, Netherlands
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Robert F. Kan and Betsy Klein
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:46:04
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