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Kan family vacationing during summer in Switzerland

Film | Accession Number: 2002.183.1 | RG Number: RG-60.4444 | Film ID: 2484

Side view of a bus. Plaque: "Chur - Flims Wald Haus." Jeanne, Robert, and Betsy sit in the bus. People move luggage, seen from the rear of the bus. Robert in a lake wearing a hat and playing with an inflatable shark. He bobs the toy up and down in the water and waves. Shoreline with people. Large building, side of a steep hill covered with pine trees, trolley system on the hill going down to the lakeshore. Robert and Betsy sit on the shore with two other girls wearing hats. Jeanne poses with other women on a rock near the lake. Jeanne, Betsy and Robert swim. People in swimsuits sit in the grass, sunbathing. Pan. Kan family swims. 01:02:32 Color. Lake seen from a distant point on a hill. Shots of the lake as the cameraman takes the trolley to the shoreline. Betsy walks among other people on a small wooden bridge. She rubs her eyes. More color shots of the lake and surrounding landscape. Children sit on, and then dive off, a diving board. Betsy sits on a diving block and later jumps off a diving board. 01:04:02 MS, two young girls seen earlier sit with Robert and Betsy. Pan across the lake and trees, barely legible sign.

Event Date
1937 August
US Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Robert F. Kan and Betsy Klein
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