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Kan family ice skating; at home in Amsterdam; Betsy at school

Film | Accession Number: 2002.183.1 | RG Number: RG-60.4423 | Film ID: 2473

Title card: "1934" EXT shots of an ice rink with people skating in Amsterdam. 01:00:31 Side view of a house. Betsy and Robert exit the house and walk down the steps towards the camera. Jeanne exits the house behind the children and closes the door. 01:00:44 Tall fence with the number 66. Children run down the walkway towards the camera. 01:00:53 EXT, wooded area. Children run towards the camera. Ice rink in BG. EXT of ice rink and people skating. 01:01:05 Betsy skates while holding Robert's hand. More shots of the ice rink including two swans swimming in a patch of open water. 01:01:38 City street with Jeanne walking towards the camera smiling. Children are playing in the BG. The two children run towards the camera. More shots of the same sidewalk with the children playing with marbles. Betsy tries to take the marble from Robert. 01:02:06 INT shots of a classroom. Children follow each other in a line around the room. 01:02:27 Pan across the line of children standing. The tallest girl in white (far left) is Betsy and the third boy (far right) might be Robert. 01:03:14 EXT, deck with the two children playing with their toys. Betsy moves a large toy car. Robert comes and takes the toy car, climbs inside, and drives it across the length of the deck. 01:04:07 Frits moves in front of the camera next to Robert, still in the toy car. He smiles and points to the camera. Robert stands in the toy car, gets out and moves towards the camera. 01:04:30 The children stand side by side clapping. 01:04:45 EXT, sidewalk, houses on the left and trees on both sides. A group of adults walk towards the camera, Jeanne is on the far left, man with cane, one younger boy. VAR CUs. 01:05:16 EXT, garden. Robert runs around chased by an elderly man with a hat (a grandfather?). He stops running and looks at the camera. Other adults turn and look at the camera. Garden with Betsy and Robert running around a flower pot, laughing and running from the elderly man. Guests at a table outside. 01:05:52 CU, Betsy wearing a dress and hat, holding her doll and smiling. The children sit on the lawn and eat.

Event:  1934
Amsterdam, Netherlands
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Robert F. Kan and Betsy Klein
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 22:02:13
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