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Songs from Dunawerke & Vilna

Recorded Sound | RG Number: RG-91.2089

Introduced and performed by Lily Mazur Margules. Includes songs from Vilna ghetto, Dunawerke, Stuthoff concentration camp, and Stuttgart labor camp.

A side: 1) "In a shtetl shteyt a shtibl" (AKA "Bay dem shtetl"). Text: Zalmen Rozental; Music: Moyshe Oysher. 2) Polish lullaby "Senek I Drzemota" (AKA "Chodził senek i drzemota"). Text: Teofil Lenartowicz. 3) "Reyzele." Text & melody: Leyb Rozental. 4) Russian song (title, text unclear). 5) "Di Krenitse" Text: Itsik Fefer; music: Motl Polianski; 6) "Marynarka" (AKA "Pięciu chłopców z Albatrosa"). Text and melody: Feliks Konarski. 7) "Shtiler, shtiler" (Vilna ghetto song). Text: Shmerke Kaczerginski; melody: Alex Wolkowiski. 8) "Shoyn genug" (Vilna ghetto or Dünawerke camp song; here recited as a poem). Text: Ida Grodzianovski; music: Polish folk song. 9) "Di shavli mame" (AKA "In a litvish derfl vayt"; AKA "A yidish kind"; Shavli ghetto song, here recited as a poem.) Text: Khane Khaiten; music: Henech Kon. 10) "In dinaverke" (AKA "Dinaverker yidn"; Dünawerke camp song). Text: Tosia (according to Mazur-Margules; also attributed to sisters Rokhl Sarabski and Sara Kagan-Goldman); Music: unidentified Russian folk melody. Note: Mazur-Margules pauses and restarts song at 3rd verse. Note: "Tosia" variant concludes with "zionist" stanza. 11) "Friling" (AKA "Ven s'komt der friling"). Text: Tosia; melody: Lily [Mazur-Margules]. Text also attributed to Rokhl Sarabski and Sara Kagan-Goldman; Music: unknown. 12) "Mir zaynen geshtrayft." Poem by Tosia (recited). 13) "Reklames." Poem by Tosia (recited). 14) "Vilne" (refrain only). Text: Wolfson; Music: Olshanetsky.

B side: Mazur-Margules repeats certain songs (with added commentary) from side A for better sound quality. Gila Flam and a third party are also audible on this side. 1) "In dinaverke" (A-10); 2) "Mir zaynen geshtrayft" (A-12); interrupted, recommenced); 3) "Friling" (A-11). Interview section followed by some pop songs and the theme from the New World Symphony (tape likely reused, these should be excised).

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