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Ludmilla Berkwic: Piano

Recorded Sound | RG Number: RG-91.2307

Performed by Ludmilla Berkwic, a piano prodigy. Berkwic was recognized by Hans Frank, the Nazi’s governor-general of Poland, as the greatest Chopin pianist in Poland. She was given the honor to inaugurate the first ever Chopin Museum, which was established by Frank in October 1943 upon the suggestion of the Propaganda minister of Nazi Germany, Joseph Goebbels. Berkwic, whose Jewish origins were hidden from the Nazis, nervously inaugurated this historic museum by playing a Chopin Scherzo on Chopin’s original grand piano before an audience of Nazi officers and Polish citizens. This performance was recorded on film by the Nazis, which was then displayed in all movie theaters in Occupied Poland. With this type of exposure, Berkwic’s worst fears were realized and she was reported to the Nazis by a jealous Polish pianist as having a Jewish father (whose last name was changed from Berkowitz to Berkwic to escape the wrath of the Nazis).

1. Prelude Op. 12 *7 (Prokofiev), 2. Passepied (Debussy), 3. Music Box (Friedman), 4. Etude Op. 25*1 "Harp" (Chopin), 5. Sonata (scarlatti), 6. Sonata (Scarlatti), 7. Fugue *2 (Bach), 8. Prelude *3 (Bach)

Copyright 1999, Lupert Productions, Inc.

Released:  1999
Record last modified: 2021-06-16 17:06:51
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