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Jura Soyfer – Verdrängte Jahre

Recorded Sound | RG Number: RG-91.1976

Soyfer (1912-1939) was an antifascist journalist and cabaret songwriter active in Vienna. Arrested while attempting to flee to Switzerland he was sent first to Dachau, where he co-authored (with composer Herbert Zipper) the camp anthem, "Dachaulied." Soyfer was subsequently deported to Buchenwald, where he died of typhoid fever. The selections on this disc are based on Soyfer's writings. They were arranged and performed by the Austrian group Schmetterlinge.

Extraplatte 18, 180081 (Vienna, 1981)
Side A, Track 1, Lied Von Der Ordnung
Side A, Track 2, Die Mühlen Der Gerechtigkeit / Lied Der Justiz
Side A, Track 3, Vertrauenskundgebung Für Herrn Fey
Side A, Track 4, Kapitalistischer Segensspruch
Side A, Track 5, Wenn Der Himmel Grau Wird
Side A, Track 6, Zeitungsmeldungen
Side A, Track 7, Matuska Spricht
Side A, Track 8, Geh 'Ma Halt A Bisserl Unter
Side B, Track 1, Uralte Silversterlegende / 10 Tage Neues Jahr
Side B, Track 2, Sturmzeit
Side B, Track 3, Song Des Guck
Side B, Track 4, Wanderlied
Side B, Track 5, Schlaflied Für Ein Ungeborenes
Side B, Track 6, Galgenfrist Bewilligt
Side B, Track 7, Lied Des Einfachen Menschen
Side B, Track 8, Dachau-Lied

Released:  1981
Record last modified: 2021-07-20 12:09:37
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