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Recorded Sound | RG Number: RG-91.1996

RINA LP 003 (Buenos Aires, 1975). Riwka Klinitzki (Rivka Klinitzki-Wajner), vocalist. Instrumental ensemble arranged and directed by Leon Wajner.
Side A Track 1: Zing Shtil. Text: Wolf Younin. Music: Sholom Secunda.
Side A Track 2: A Stoliner Nign. Text: Kehos Kliger. Music: Leon Wajner.
Side A Track 3: Tzvei Meshene Laijter (Tsvey meshene laykhters). Text: H. Leivick (Leivick Halpern). Music: Leon Wajner.
Side A Track 4: A Zun Mit A Regn. Text: Leyb Naydus. Music: Martin Moskowitz.
Side A Track 5: Tzvei Javeirim (Tsvey khaverim). Text: Avrom Zak. Music: Leon Wajner.
Side A Track 6: A Wolejl (A volekhl). Text: Traditional. Music: Hersh Wolowitz.
Side B Track 1: A Gut Iom-Tov Idn (A gut yontif, yidn). Text: Yitskhak Yasanovitsh. Music: Leon Wajner.
Side B Track 2: Hejalil (Hekhalil). Words: Leah Goldberg. Music: Dovid Zahavi.
Side B Track 3: Bejanut Hatzaatzuim (Bekhanut Hatzatzuim). Words: Leah Naor. Music: Shimon Kahan.
Side B Track 4: Dos Elnte Kind. Text: Shmerke Kaczerginski. Music: Yankl Krimski.
Side B Track 5: A Ketzele. Text: Rivke Galin. Music: Leon Wajner.
Side B Track 6: Beriozkele. Text and music: David Einhorn.
Side B Track 7: Iadi, Bidi, Bam (Yadi bidi bam). Words: Shmuel Tsesler. Music: Leon Wajner.

released:  1975
Record last modified: 2021-07-13 13:08:22
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