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Songs of the Ghetto

Recorded Sound | RG Number: RG-91.1975

Phillips/Mercury. Sarah Gorby, vocalist, with orchestra directed by Jacques Lasry.
Side A Track 1: S' Brent, Briderlech (Our Village Is Burning) [Unzer shtetl brent.] Music and words: Mordecai Gebirtig.
Side A Track 2: A Yidish Kind Fun Poilen (A Jewish Child From Poland) [A yidish kind fun poyln]. Words: Samuel Czesler.
Side A Track 3: Moide Ani (I Confess, Oh Lord). Music: Mark Schweid. Words: Mikhl Gelbart.
Side A Track 4: Dein Mamme Kimt Nit Zurik (Your Mother Will Not Come Back) [Dayn mame kimt nit tsurik; Alt. title: Dremln feygl oyf di tsvaygn (Birds Are Dreaming on the Branches)]. Music: Leyb Yampolsky. Words: Leah Rudnitski.
Side A Track 5: Mach She Daine Eigalech Tzu (Makh'zhe dayne eygelekh tsu) (Close Your Dear Little Eyes) [Alt. title: Az du vest batsoln bruder (If You Pay Your Money, Brother)]. Music: Liebu Levin. Words: Moyshe Leyb Halpern.
Side A Track 6: Tzien Sich Machnes Far Tribene (Marching Toward Death) (Tsien zikh makhnes fartribene). Music and words: Unknown.
Side B Track 1: Gayen Zay In Shvarze Reien (Mournful Lullaby) (Geyen zey in shvartse reyen). Music: Mikhl Gelbart. Words: Mani Leyb.
Side B Track 2: Rifkale (Massacre Of The Men In The Ghetto On A Saturday Night) (Rivkele di shabesdike / Rivke the Sabbath Widow). Music and words: Peysakh Kaplan.
Side B Track 3: Dos Ingele Ligt Farbrent (Here Lies The Little Body, Burned To Death/ After The Biblical Prophecy) (Dos yingele ligt farbrent). Music: B. Sobel. Words: Leivick Halpern (H. Leivick).
Side B Track 4: Und Der Krig Iz Geendigt (And The War Is Over) [Es hot ziikh der krig geendikt]. Music: Unknown. Text: Abraham Szewach.
Side B Track 5: Kinderlech (My Darling Children) [Kinderlekh, kleyninke]. Music: Henekh Kon. Text: Abraham Szewach.
Side B Track 6: Letzen Vaig (Song Of The Partisans) [Zog nit keynmol az du geyst dem letstn veg]. Music: Daniel and Dmitri Pokrass. Text: Hirsh Glik.

Released:  1966
Record last modified: 2021-07-13 13:08:21
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