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More Sephardic Songs: Memories of Sarajevo

Recorded Sound | RG Number: RG-91.2012

Altarasa Records 1002 - Volume 2 (1983). Text and melodies: Traditional, arranged by Flory Jagoda. Vocalist, guitar: Flory Jagoda. Bass: Elliot Jagoda.
Side A Track 1: Una noče al lunar (One Moonlit Night)
Side A Track 2: Ašeriko de kindze anjos (Aseriko At Sixteen)
Side A Track 3: Andemoz al kafe (We Will Go To The Cafe)
Side A Track 4: Simhat tora (Rejoicing Of The Law)
Side A Track 5: La jave de espanja (The Key From Spain)
Side A Track 6: Jo kon la mi kusuegra (Me, With My Mother In Law)
Side B Track 1: Jo hanino tu hanina (I Am Handsome, You Are Beautiful)
Side B Track 2: Porke joras ermoza mužer? (Why Are You Crying Beautiful Women?)
Side B Track 3: El dija de purim (The Day Of Purim)
Side B Track 4: Nočes, nočes, bunas nočes (Nights, Nights, Good Nights)
Side B Track 5: Madre mija si mi muero (Mother Mine, If I Die)
Side B Track 6: Ken kere tomar konsežo? (Whoever Wants Advice?)

Released:  1983
Record last modified: 2021-06-10 14:23:08
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