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Henny Durmashkin: Songs to Remember

Recorded Sound | RG Number: RG-91.2006

Star Records 201 (1960). Vocalist: Henny Durmashkin. Pianist: Fanny Durmashkin.
Side A, Track 1: Baal Meloches (Bal Melokhes) Medley of laborers' songs, beginning with "S'falt a shney." Words and Music: Unknown.
Side A, Track 2: Frietog ojf der nacht (Fraytik oyf der nakht). Words and Music: Nokhem Shternheim.
Side A, Track 3: Reisele (Reyzele; Reyzeles eyzele). Words: Moshe-Dovid Giser. Music: Unknown.
Side A, Track 4: Kachol yam hamaim (Kakhol Yam Hamayim). Words: Natan Alterman. Music: Nokhm Nardi.
Side A, Track 5: Aloo, Aloo (Alu, Alu). Words: Rafael Klachkin. Music: Dovid Broyn.
Side B, Track 1: Shotns. Words and Music: Unknown.
Side B, Track 2: Tsu eins, tzwei, drei (Tsu eyns, tsvey, dray). Words: Leyb Rozental. Music: Hanns Eisler.
Side B, Track 3: Ghetto (Geto). Words: Kasriel Broydo. Music: Misha Veksler.
Side B, Track 4: Isrolik (Yisrolik). Words: Leyb Rozental. Music: Misha Veksler.
Side B, Track 5: Ich will aheim (Ikh benk aheym). Words: Leyb Rozental. Music: Unknown.

released:  1960
Record last modified: 2021-07-15 09:49:45
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