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Oral history interview with Beta Leibovna Pankina and Jon (Yuri) Isaakovich Kesel'brener

Oral History | Accession Number: 2009.103.4 | RG Number: RG-50.632.0004

Beta Leibovna Pankina, born in 1927 in Tulchin, Ukraine, describes her father, who was a shoemaker and was drafted into the army during the war (he was later released); being in the Pechora camp with her mother and three siblings; her husband, who was from Kaluga and was not Jewish; her father’s death in 1994 and burial at the Jewish cemetery; her mother’s death at the Pechora camp; the many Jews in Tulchin before the war; the Jews in Kaptsonivka; the one Jewish school in Tulchin; the building of a non-Jewish school in 1939; her education; her daughter, who lives in Kiev, Ukraine with her family; the two synagogues in Tulchin before the war; Jewish careers in the city before the war; returning home from the camp after the war and finding that their house had been plundered; the conflicts with the Ukrainians after returning from camp; buying matzo for Passover; and the Jewish community in Tulchin.

Beta Leibovna Pankina and Jon (Yuri) Isaakovich Kesel'brener (a neighbor of Ms. Pankina) describe how three generations of Ms. Pankina’s family are from Tulchin; her mother’s father, who was a klezmer musician; her two younger brothers who were circumcised in 1933 and the small biscuits (krishmeleynen), which were given to the children at circumcision; Mr. Kesel'brener’s aunt Voya Shayevna Rosenshtein, who was in the camp; the two synagogues in Tulchin; his grandmother Sura Leibovna Shraibman, who was born in 1887, lived in Kapsonivka, and died in 1964; Jewish burials; the ghetto in Bershad’, Ukraine; and a man named Yurkovestsky, who knows about the local Jewish rituals.

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Pankina, Beta Leibovna
Fedchenko, V.
Kushkova, A.
Evseyenko, N.
interview:  2005 July 15-2006 July 11
2 digital files : WMA.
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 19:53:47
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