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Oral history interview with Arkadii Gershkovich Krupnik

Oral History | Accession Number: 2009.103.22 | RG Number: RG-50.632.0022

Arkadii Gershkovich Krupnik, born in 1933 in Yampol (Yampil), Ukraine, describes living in a Jewish village called Zubovka (12 kilometers from Yampol); leaving Yampol for Tulchin, Ukraine in 1956; the Jewish school in Yampol, where he completed the first grade; his father, who was a tinsmith and was elected head of the Jewish artel (a cooperative of craftsmen); his mother, who was a seamstress; the immigration of all of his mother’s family to Argentina in 1918; his sister Zhenia, who was three years younger than him; his family communicating only in Yiddish; observing Jewish holidays in secret; the two kosher butchers in the town; the performance of circumcisions; his memories of dreidels at Hanukkah made from clay or wood; the traditions for Jewish funerals, including the placing of stones on the eyes of the deceased and the covering of mirrors after the funeral; the synagogue in Yampol that everyone attended; traditions on Yom Kippur, including the shofar; people ceasing to attend synagogue because of persecution; people speaking Russian instead of Yiddish after the war; moving to Tulchin in 1956 and working as the head of a factory metal department; the secret fund to assist Jews in need during Soviet rule; many Jews working in management positions during the Soviet rule; how they used to make their own matzo and now it is shipped from Dnepropetrovsk; traveling to Riga, Latvia to buy matzo; a Jewish grandmother from Romania who used to tell tales; Yiddish songs (one of which he sings during the interview); traditions for Jewish weddings; two traditional sweet dishes (“flund” and “leikeh”) served at weddings (he gives the recipe); and Rabbi Nachman, who is buried in Uman and his student Rabbi Natan Nosan, who is buried in Tulchin.

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Krupnik, Arkadii Gershkovich
interview:  2005 July 19
2 digital files : MP3.
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