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Oral history interview with Sof'ia, Grigorii Sviridov, Svetlana Chern'ish, and Shimon Solomonovich Lysenkov

Oral History | Accession Number: 2009.103.24 | RG Number: RG-50.632.0024

Sof’ia (born in 1928 in Tulchin, Ukraine) describes life before the war; her memories of the Jewish school that existed before the war and how it only had a few grades; her memories of the Romanians treating the Jews better than the Germans did during the war; the arrests of the underground resistors in 1943; her belief that the Jews lived better than Ukrainians like herself before the war; the good relations between Jews and Ukrainians before the war; many of the Jews leaving after the war; a well-respected Jewish school director named Mikhail Efimovich Mogilevskii; some Ukrainians helping Jews while others betrayed the Jews during the war; and the Pechora camp and ghetto.
Grigorii Sviridov (born in 1950) describes how Jews used to live in the Ukrainian towns of Shargorod, Tomashpol’, and Bershad; Jews being treated better by the Romanians than the Germans during the war; how forty-five percent of the population in Tulchin was Jewish before the war; the numerous interfaith marriages after the war; the Jewish cemetery on the hill; and the occupations of the Jews before the war.
Svetlana Chernysh (born in 1945 in Birobidzhan, Russia) describes moving to Tulchin after the war; her Jewish mother and Russian father; her Ukrainian husband; understanding a little Yiddish; the numerous Jews who once lived in Tulchin; some of her family leaving for Israel; and her intentions to remain in Tulchin.
Shimon Solomonovich Lysenkov (born in 1936 in Zhmerinka) describes how he does not consider himself well-educated; suffering from mental distress during and since the war; living in Bukhara, Uzbekistan during the war; his mother Raisa, who worked at a military factory making clothing for the front; the deaths of his father and sister in Bukhara; arriving in Tulchin in 1948 at the age of 12; being Jewish; his Ukrainian wife who used to be a librarian; his brother who lives in Tel Aviv, Israel; and hearing from his brother that Russian Jews are disliked and mistreated in Israel.

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Grigorii Sviridov
Svetlana Chern'ish
Shimon S. L'isenkov
interview:  2005 July 15
2 digital files : MP3.
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