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Oral history interview with Rita Genekhovna Shveibish and Isaak Peisakhovich Shveibish

Oral History | Accession Number: 2009.103.15 | RG Number: RG-50.632.0015

Rita Genekhovna Shveibish (born in 1936 in Tulchin, Ukraine) and Isaak Peisakhovich Shveibish (born in 1931 in Gorishkovka, Tomashpolsky district, Ukraine) describe their childhoods; Mr. Shveibish's experiences in Gorishkovka (also spelled Horyshkivka), which was a small Romanian Jewish village with 181 families and how now no one is left; the synagogue and Jewish school in Gorishkovka; the cemetery in Tomashpol, where visits the graves of his parents; the ghetto in Gorishkovka during the war and how the Jews were not taken to concentration camps; his father, who was a purveyor, and his mother, who worked at a kolkhoz (collective farm); his work at a shoe factory; moving to Tulchin in 1956; Mrs. Rita Shveibish's work as a nurse and her diploma in midwifery; their visits to the cemetery and how clothing was torn or cut at funerals; the 10 synagogues in Tulchin before the war; being married to each other for 37 years; the large population of Jews in Tulchin before the war; Mrs. Shveibish's Jewish name, which is Reyze; Jewish wedding traditions; Jewish traditions performed after the death of a family member; the importance of not refusing the wishes of a pregnant woman; the two midwives in Tulchin; people with an evil eye and practices used to prevent babies form being affected by the evil eye; how in Gorishkovka the houses were placed very close together and in the center of town there was a market square; the one small store in Gorishkovka as well as some shoemakers and tailors; how Jewish houses were different from Ukrainian houses; baking bread, made of wheat and rye, on Thursdays; the challah, which was made from wheat; the various foods that were prepared for Jewish holidays; and his father's participation in Jewish theater.

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Sheibish, Isaak Peisakhovich
Shveibish, Rita Genekhovna
interview:  2005 July 21-2006 July 09
9 digital files : MP3.
Record last modified: 2022-06-16 10:10:15
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