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Nur das Nur das Hakenkreuz ablegen das ist noch kein Beweis! Beweise Dich am 30. Juni mit Deinem

Object | Accession Number: 1990.333.44

Poster encouraging Germans to vote on June 30, designed by Barlog in 1946. The vote on June 30 is likely referring to the Bavarian state election in June 1946, to choose members of the Bavarian Constituent Assembly. After the German surrender on May 8, 1945, Germany was divided into zones of occupation by the Allies. The American-occupied zone encompassed the southeastern part of Germany, including Bavaria. The American goals during the occupation included denazification and the reintroduction of democratic values into German society. Denazification was a postwar Allied initiative to cleanse Germany of all traces of Nazi ideology, institutions, and laws. They also sought to remove Nazi party members from office or positions of responsibility in an effort to wipe out the Nazi party and its influence. In the American zone, anyone who had been an active Nazi, and individuals who held key positions in the regime were fired. In the summer if 1945, German political parties were reformed, and the Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands (Social Democratic Party, SPD) and the Kommunistiche Partei Deutschlands (German Communist Party, KPD), left-leaning parties that existed during the Weimar Republic reemerged. They were joined by the new Christlich-Demokratische Union (Christian Democratic Union, CDU) a more moderate party. These three parties became the largest in Germany. The Bavarian Constituent Assembly election on June 30, 1946, was the first free election held in Bavaria since 1932. Although denazification was labeled as a success, by the 1950s, many former Nazis were able to return to their roles in industries and government in both East and West Germany.

Alternate Title
Just dropping the swastika is not proof yet! Prove yourself on June 30th
distribution: Germany
Political posters.
Credit Line
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Collection
Record last modified: 2021-02-10 09:45:39
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