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Eichmann Trial -- Sessions 66 and 67 -- Evidence on Auschwitz, Belzec, Chelmno

Film | Accession Number: 1999.A.0087 | RG Number: RG-60.2100.078 | Film ID: 2077

Session 66: Witness Simon Srebnik. Speaks about dismantling the camp of Chelmno. He was shot, he shows his wound to court and describes how he pretended to be dead in order to escape. 00:04:02 Describes the Russians arriving and being liberated. 00:05:30 Asked about his mother.

00:06:34 Cuts out. Witness Ya'akov Wiernik. Discussing photograph, sketch and a model of Treblinka. 00:07:49 Using pointer he explains what the photograph of the model shows - the geography of the camps. 00:09:46 Discusses where the men and women went. 00:11:26 Shows where the gas chambers were.

00:12:43 Cuts out. Witness Kalman Teigman, in Treblinka. He too describes what the photograph shows. 00:14:40 Describes what happens at the platform, and during the selection process. 00:15:53 Explains who was on the transport and who was selected. 00:16:18 Asked about Lazarette - fenced off mass grave. 00:17:43 Cuts out and skips to a description of Kurt Franz, Untersturmführer, searching Dr. Julian Chorazycki (or Yuliy Choronzhitski) and finding money on him. Money was for armed uprising. Dr. Chorazycki took poison - Franz tried to resuscitate him so he could torture him. 00:20:12 Cuts out and skips to an explanation of the plan for the revolt and what happened - SS guard was shot, petrol tank set on fire. 00:22:45 Teigman describes what his role was and how he escaped. Germans chased after the escapees, but the inmates were armed for once, and the Germans retreated. 00:23:59 Talks about how many people survived Treblinka.

00:24:11 Cuts out. Witness Eliahu Rosenberg, in Treblinka. Describes being taken to camp 2 of Treblinka, being shot at by the guards, and having to pick up bodies and put them in the grave. 00:27:27 Shows the court which barrack he lived in. Asked about depth of grave and jobs involved with bodies. 00:28:45 Many people who had to do jobs with corpses committed suicide. Describes process of extermination.

00:32:08 Session 67. Witness Dr. David Wdowinski is sworn in. In Warsaw, Commander of the National Military Organization during the revolt. 00:36:34 Went to Majdanek, then went to Budzyn. Worked in an airplane factory. Describes the camp. 00:40:30 Describes Dr. Pupko, popular Warsaw doctor, being killed by commandant Reinhold Feik. 00:41:29 Wdowinski talks about his role as a doctor in the camp - making sure the mass grave was clean, disinfecting camp. Asked about a man called Bitter - money falling out of his pocket. Bitter was reported, Feik had him hung but the rope broke, then the Jews were forced to beat him. He constantly repeats that he took what happened with love - he had to do it for the people of Israel. 00:45:56 asked about Klavin, Feik's right hand man. 00:47:15 Asked about Bauchwitz, head of group, who didn't report that one inmate was missing, knowing that other people would be punished for it. The commander hung Bauchwitz for this. 00:51:08 Cuts out. German from factory told Wdowinski he was lucky because Budzyn was still standing despite Eichmann wanting it destroyed. Talks about when he heard Eichmann's name mentioned. 00:56:52 Describes a civilian entering the camp, asking how many Jews were there, saying he had killed 700 Jews already.

Film Title
Eichmann Trial
Event:  1961 June 06
Production:  1961 June 06
Jerusalem, Israel
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of The Steven Spielberg Jewish Film Archives of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 22:00:50
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