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Eichmann Trial -- Sessions 110 and 111 -- Prosecution continues summing up

Film | Accession Number: 1999.A.0087 | RG Number: RG-60.2100.216 | Film ID: 2216

Sessions 110 and 111. Hausner discusses the Defense's two worlds, that of the suffering and those in power. These two worlds collided. He uses a quote from the Torah to compare the worlds. He says that Eichmann was described as a chasm of hate, and is stone-hearted.

00:06:56 Tape jumps, Hausner says that Eichmann tries to convince the court that he found satisfaction in his job in Berlin. However, the only time he ever mentioned a transfer was at this time and then only in his personal papers. As early as 1938, he was an indispensable expert and the Gestapo refused to move him.

00:11:45 Tape jumps, Hausner describes the change in policy following the fall of Poland, to concentrate all Jews for the purpose of extermination.

00:13:50 Tape cuts to slate, resumes in the middle of the previous statement where Hausner says that the Final Solution was a top secret, involving moving all of the Jews into camps in the area of the General Government and prepare them for "the coming steps". 00:15:54 Hausner says that Eichmann tried to distance himself from the Wannsee Conference, it was only in court did he become daring enough to deny an official document as a forgery, this was only after he denied ever being there to the police. He says that these statements do not hold up under examination.

00:18:58 Tape jumps, Hausner talks about a mother who tried to keep her child alive while in the snow on a death march, with the child losing her hands and feet to frostbite. This was before the liquidation of the Jews was ordered; this was Eichmann's doings early in his career.

00:21:35 (Duplicate footage on Tape 2215) Hausner cites that when first captured, Eichmann said he did not recognize the name of his division. He changed his statement when he saw the documents against him. He attacks the "defective" memory of Eichmann, citing numerous instances where Eichmann has "forgotten" large events, but can remember meticulous details of other things that are advantageous to his case.

00:28:19 Tape jumps, and the crowd is getting seated. The Judges tell Hausner that he can continue. Hausner talks about the alleged inability of Eichmann to leave the SS. He cites numerous examples of people who moved to other departments and possibilities Eichmann must have had (Duplicate footage on Tape 2215).

00:33:55 Hausner speaks, citing decisions from Ulm that decided that duress is not an excuse for murder. He also cites that bodily harm in the case of refusing to cooperate is also not an excuse for murder (Duplicate footage on Tape 2213).

00:34:42 Tape jumps, Hausner discusses the friendship between Eichmann and Hoess. He says that there is no reason for Hoess to shift blame to Eichmann. He then continues to say that Eichmann admitted to not having psychological problems in doing his job. He says that Eichmann was the only one who was the head of a department that dealt with all of the Jews, whose job was to eliminate a people. If this was all that was known about Eichmann, it would still be enough to convict him, but they know so much more. There is much evidence that Eichmann acted fanatically towards this goal.

00:42:09 Tape jumps, Hausner gives a few final remarks. He calls attention to the margin note written by Eichmann suggesting that Serbian Jews be exterminated by shooting that Eichmann says is forged. Hausner suggests that if that were the case, his position would need to be so exalted that the mere mention of his name was authoritative enough to be worth forgery. 00:45:15 Hausner says that they have the Chief of Staff of the extermination. If that is true, they have orders from above and underlings below, but he had to carry out this order willingly. He quotes the Sassen memoirs where Eichmann said he could give orders to all of the Gestapo and foreign officers, and in cross examination he said that he could only give instructions. Hausner accepts this, but instructions are still binding, and he had planned all of this (Duplicate footage on Tape 2215).

00:47:35 Tape jumps, Hausner talks about the tracks to Sobibor and that sending transports towards there signs their death warrants. He points out that Eichmann always says "my department" and "my office" indicating his ownership of it. He had to have known what they were doing.

00:51:51 Tape is interrupted by a slate and resumes halfway through the previous statement. Hausner describes Eichmann's apparent power, especially his ability to negotiate and threaten the leaders of nations. 00:56:55 Hausner gets through the materials he had brought for that session, and the court decides to adjourn.

Film Title
Eichmann Trial
Event:  1961 August 08
Production:  1961 August 08
Jerusalem, Israel
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of The Steven Spielberg Jewish Film Archives of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:45:07
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