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Eichmann Trial -- Session 113 -- Prosecution continues summing up

Film | Accession Number: 1999.A.0087 | RG Number: RG-60.2100.225 | Film ID: 2225

Session 113. Hausner talks about Eichmann's decision to execute those who knew too much.

00:06:47 Tape jumps. Hausner reads a quote from a poem about the experience of the Jews.

00:13:31 Hausner enumerates the crimes that Eichmann is accused of under the law for Nazis and their collaborators, and explains each of them and how the Prosecution has proven these accusations. The accusation of Eichmann's committing a crime against the Jewish people performed with the intent of exterminating all or part of the the Jewish people is examined at length with frequent questions from the Judges. His role in orders, executing orders, his orders, and the orders he gave are thoroughly explained, with Hausner admitting there was no direct order telling Eichmann to exterminate all Jews, though he enumerates the struggle between those who wanted to keep some Jews as an economic labor force and those who wanted to eliminate all of the Jews.

00:38:06 Discussion of the attempted covering-up of incriminating pieces of evidence prior to the trial and the postwar destruction of documents. The loss of many documents from Polish territories is especially focused upon.

00:43:18 The charge of the Intention to Exterminate Jews is analyzed more specifically. The specific singling out of the Jewish people, personally and culturally, is discussed, with respect to the total annihilation of the group, the deportation, the executions, and the mass arrests. Hausner says that the victims cannot be compensated and can never be the same as they were before the WWII.

Film Title
Eichmann Trial
Event:  1961 August 10
Production:  1961 August 10
Jerusalem, Israel
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of The Steven Spielberg Jewish Film Archives of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:44:07
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