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Eichmann Trial -- Session 104 -- Cross examination of the Accused concluded

Film | Accession Number: 1999.A.0087 | RG Number: RG-60.2100.184 | Film ID: 2184

This tape begins near the end of the morning proceedings of Session 104. The footage begins with cross-examination by Gideon Hausner concerning a meeting in March 1944 in which he promised the Jews that nothing would happen to them after deportation. Hausner accuses Eichmann of knowing that they were being sent to Auschwitz. This duplicates footage on Tape 2183 at 13:31:12.

Cross-examination by Hausner turns to Eichmann's intent to write and publish a book with Wilhelm Sassen in 1957, in which Eichmann intended to describe what happened to the Jews as being "one of the greatest crimes ever committed." (00:08:17) Hausner says that despite this statement, Eichmann's true belief was that the measures against the Jews were necessary for the protection of the German blood and people as formulated in the 1935 decree for the "Protection of German Blood and Honor" issued by the Nazi government. Eichmann then gives a long answer denying any knowledge of these statements. Duplicate footage on Tape 2182 at 00:11:14.

The footage is cut and resumes with Hausner asking the court to visually examine various sections of the Sassen document for consideration. Hausner and the presiding judge discuss the need to look at these documents. The defense's lawyer, Dr. Robert Servatius, gives a statement suggesting that this evidence is not admissible (00:25:30). Presiding Judge Landau adjourns the court for the morning. Spectators rise, Eichmann is escorted out and Hausner exits. The camera focuses on Servatius and then on the civilian audience leaving. This section is also found on tape 2182 at 00:20:42.

The footage resumes with Dr. Servatius at his desk. Eichmann nods in the direction of Servatius and wipes his mouth with a handkerchief (00:34:36). The tracking on this section of the tape is very poor and it is difficult to see the footage. The video freezes on a frame of Eichmann in the booth and the video/audio ends.

Film Title
Eichmann Trial
Event:  1961 July 20
Production:  1961 July 20
Jerusalem, Israel
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of The Steven Spielberg Jewish Film Archives of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:44:56
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