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Eichmann Trial -- Session 112 -- Hausner sums up

Film | Accession Number: 1999.A.0087 | RG Number: RG-60.2100.088 | Film ID: 2088

Session 112. Hausner talks about group responsibility in crimes. Eichmann as a man who didn't take orders. Discusses whose responsibility it was for the extermination of the Jews, and the legality of murder and persecution as a result of law changes. 00:06:59 Asks why did they camouflage what was happening if it was legal.

00:08:49 Jumps to Hausner speaking about everyone's guilt within the "nerve center of the Gestapo" on condition that they knew what was happening and remained in Gestapo center after realizing what the purpose was. Eichmann, admitted himself that he knew of the order of the extermination of the Jews - he was caught in the net of criminal conspiracy.

00:10:15 Another argument which may crop up - claim of the "Act of State" - if an individual act on behalf of one state damages another state then the damaged state may ask that the other state gives compensation - the individual does not suffer the consequences. But when order exceeds boundary of law it does not count - therefore the offenders carry personal criminal responsibility. Reads from pamphlet.

00:16:27 Session ends, court adjourns.

Film Title
Eichmann Trial
Event Date
1961 June 08
Jerusalem, Israel
Accessed at US Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of The Steven Spielberg Jewish Film Archives of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
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