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Eichmann Trial -- Session 88 -- Hausner cross-examines the Accused about his antisemitism

Film | Accession Number: 1999.A.0087 | RG Number: RG-60.2100.123 | Film ID: 2123

The footage begins in the middle of the session. Attorney General Gideon Hausner cross-examines Adolf Eichmann about a statement Eichmann made: that he would gladly jump into his grave knowing that the war had taken the lives of five million Jewish enemies of the Reich. This is duplicate footage also found on Tape 2120 (at 00:17:49) and Tape 2121 (at 00:50:23). Tape 2120 is more complete.

Hausner then questions the accused about a written statement in which Eichmann asserts that Adolf Hitler had already declared war on the Jews before the start of World War II (00:14:43). Eichmann says that he does not remember this statement. Hausner reads from the document in German. There is some confusion regarding the location of the specific paragraph. Hausner reads another passage from the same document which concerns a direct order from Hitler for the "physical liquidation of the Jewish enemy" (00:24:52). Eichmann is again asked by the prosecution whether he regarded the Jews as enemies of the Reich.

Hausner questions the accused about his reasons for going into hiding after the war and his identification as a war criminal (00:32:21). This is duplicate footage found on Tape 2120 (at 00:30:24), however the footage on Tape 2120 is less complete than on Tape 2123. Eichmann is questioned about whether he thinks the death sentences handed down by the International Military Tribunal held at Nuremberg were just 00:40:30). This is duplicate footage found on Tape 2120 (at 00:34:16). Hausner asks the accused whether he had always been a strong antisemite (00:42:42). The footage on Tape 2120 is less complete than the footage on Tape 2123. The footage cuts out between 00:46:18 and 00:46:30.

Part of the previous footage is repeated. Confusion arises about a document which Hausner has cited. The cross-examination continues with questions about the antisemitic terminology found in Eichmann's official correspondence (00:51:03). Hausner reads a passage about Persian Jews from one of Eichmann's letters (00:51:48). Someone in the audience laughs at Eichmann's excuse that he had not written the letter, even though he signed it (00:54:54). Judge Landau calls for order and reprimands the audience. The remaining footage concerns Eichmann's dismissal from the Austrian Vacuum Oil Company and whether he was dismissed because he joined the NSDAP or due to his marital status (00:59:32). Part of this footage is duplicated on Tape 2122 (at 00:00:36) but the footage on Tape 2123 is more complete.

Film Title
Eichmann Trial
Event:  1961 July 07
Production:  1961 July 07
Jerusalem, Israel
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of The Steven Spielberg Jewish Film Archives of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 21:56:28
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