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Eichmann Trial -- Session 95 -- Cross-examination of the Accused about seizure of property, deportations, gassings

Film | Accession Number: 1999.A.0087 | RG Number: RG-60.2100.145 | Film ID: 2145

The camera fades in on the courtroom. Adolf Eichmann sits in the booth and cleans his glasses. The camera pulls out to a wide shot of the courtroom. Various shots of Eichmann and Servatius. A shot of the defense and the prosecuting attorneys. Eichmann is shown sitting in the booth. He turns to his right and looks over his shoulder (00:04:33). All stand as the judges enter the courtroom and Judge Landau opens the ninety-fifth session of the trial (00:05:45). Servatius makes a statement about the Dutch witness van Taalingen (00:06:10).

Hausner questions Eichmann about the issuing of orders and ordinances by section IVB4 (00:00:07:48) and the department's involvement in exempting people from deportations to Minsk and Riga. Eichmann admits that his department did give orders but he states that it was not responsible for the destinations of the deportations. Hausner ask Eichmann whether he gave orders that Jewish veterans wounded in World War I be exempt from deportation. He presents a document signed by Eichmann canceling the deportation of this group of people (00:11:42). Eichmann is asked about instances in which details for deportations were left to the discretion of the State Police. Hausner refers to the case of Gertrude Sara Hahn (00:15:11).

The Attorney General questions Eichmann about his department's involvement in the disposition of seized Jewish property (00:18:20) and his involvement in individual cases such as the seizure of Baroness Sacconi's apartment (00:24:03). Eichmann testifies that his section had nothing to do with this matter and that it was handled by the local State Police. Hausner asks Eichmann about his department's involvement in postal arrangements at Westerbork (00:29:56). Eichmann maintains that he does not remember (00:30:12). When Hausner asks why section IVB4 dealt with this matter, Eichmann states that it was because it involved Jews (00:34:30). Eichmann testifies that he is responsible for those who worked for him with the exception of those who were involved in "special assignments." These assignments were given by his superiors, such as Heinrich Mueller, Head of Section IV (Gestapo). Hausner reminds the accused that he was responsible for Rolf Guenther, head of section IVB4-a (evacuations) and makes reference to a document (read in German by the Attorney General) in which Eichmann admits general responsibility for Guenther's actions. He adds exceptions to this general statement. Questioning about Eichmann's responsibility for Guenther's activities continues until 00:56:27.

Hausner ask whether he knew of instances where Mueller imposed "special assignments" on sub-department heads and section heads (00:56:29). Eichmann is then asked if Guenther ever told him about any assignments he received from Mueller (00:57:17). Eichmann claims ignorance of one such specific assignment, the delivery of gas to extermination camps (00:59:26). Eichmann states that Guenther never told him that he was assigned this task by Mueller (00:59:53) but that he did confront him about it when he heard rumors (01:07:17). Eichmann admits that he must have know that "gas" meant cyanide gas. The accused goes on to ask the court to look at Walter Huppenkothen's testimony. Huppenkothen asserted that Mueller gave out "special assignments" without the knowledge of section heads (01:08:44). Hausner asks the accused why the gas assignment was given to Guenther in his section and not to Rauff from the technical section. He asks whether Eichmann knew, after he saw the gassings at Chelmno, that Rauff had provided the gas vans (01:11:09). Eichmann states that he was not involved in this matter. Hausner accuses Eichmann of learning about Guenther's involvement in the procurement of gas in connection with the plan to gas the inmates of the Theresienstadt ghetto. Eichmann's answer in German is half complete when the footage cuts off and the English translation of his answer is missing. This last section on the plan to gas the inmates of Theresienstadt is duplicate footage also found on Tape 2146 (at 00:00:17). The footage on Tape 2146 is more complete.

Film Title
Eichmann Trial
Event:  1961 July 13
Production:  1961 July 13
Jerusalem, Israel
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of The Steven Spielberg Jewish Film Archives of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:44:52
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